• 1 What is pre-existing
    condition coverage?
  • 2 What is Full
    Pre-existing Coverage?
  • 3 What is Acute Onset of
    Pre-Existing Conditions?
  • 4 Which Plan is best
    for My Visitor?
1 What is pre-existing
condition coverage?

Pre-Existing conditions are defined as any illness or sickness one takes medicine for, has consulted a doctor about, or has occurred within the past 12 months. We typically recommend purchasing insurance with pre-existing conditions if visitor meets any of the following criteria:

1) Above 50 years of age

2) Takes medication regularly

3) Has diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels

4) Had any kind of surgery prior to purchasing the insurance

5) Have had any Cancer or serious medical procedure done in the past

6) May need to visit Doctor or Seek Outpatient care for a pre-existing condition

Doctors and other health care providers will be able to determine if a sickness or accident is caused by a pre-existing condition. It is important to let any doctor treating a visitor to know of their prior medical history.

2 What is Full
Pre-existing Coverage?

We offer the only Full Pre-Existing Coverage visitors insurance plans on the market. Under Full Pre-Existing Plans, we treat pre-existing conditions the same as new sicknesses. This means that a visitor can seek outpatient care or visit a doctor/specialist for any pre-existing issue.

We offer two plans with Full Pre-Existing Coverage: CHUBB Premier & ELITE Network Plan. The CHUBB Premier Plan is a fixed benefit plan for visitors traveling to USA. Premiums for these plans tend to be cheaper do to the nature of the benefits.

The ELITE Network Plan is our flagship visitor’s insurance plan. The ELITE Network Plan offers the best comprehensive coverage for all age groups (0-99+). This plan covers 80% of all eligible medical expenses after the deductible has been met.

All other visitor’s health insurance plans only offer Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions.

3 What is Acute Onset of
Pre-Existing Conditions?

Acute Onset offers a narrower definition of pre-existing coverage. Acute onset plans will only cover pre-existing conditions in an emergency situation. This means once a visitor experiences symptom of a medical event, such as heart attack or stroke, the visitor must seek emergency medical care within 12 hours otherwise no benefits will be paid. These plans are limited in the protection they provide for your family.

4 Which Plan is best
for My Visitor?

We often ask clients to assess the health of their visitors before purchasing insurance. Our recommendation is to always purchase a CHUBB Full Pre-Existing Policy to better protect your family from large medical bills. If your visitor, however, is at a low risk of experiencing a medical event, we suggest purchasing an AXIS Plan. AXIS Prime & AXIS Advantage offer the best fixed-benefit & comprehensive programs on the market today at an affordable price.