Specialize in providing Visitor Health Insurance and Accidental coverage during your visit to United States. Our international visitor insurance plans are open to visitors from any country in the World traveling to USA, Canada, or Mexico.

India Network Accident and Sickness visitors Insurance is sponsored by the India Network Foundation (INF), a US-based non-profit organization. Started as the first internet resource for India related news and events in 1988, the INF has established itself as the First and foremost resource on India. Several millions of people have taken advantage of our award winning visitors health insurance during their trips to USA. The visitor health insurance plans sponsored by the Foundation are unique. The visitor plans have provisions that are not found anywhere else, particularly in covering pre-existing conditions. Today, India Network Visitor Health Insurance plans are the only ones that can assure you coverage if visitor experiences heart attack, stroke, brain hemorrhage, or any other major complications due to pre-existing conditions.

Two different visitor plan designs – fixed (scheduled benefit) designs and comprehensive (come with a PPO Network with 80% payment of covered expenses).  Fixed benefit plans are cheaper due to the low cost to manage them for example, CHUBB Standard and Premier Plans and AXIS Plans.  The fixed visitor health insurance plans pay limited benefits in case of covered expenses irrespective of policy maximum. Comprehensive plans such as CHUBB Network plan offer best visitor medical insurance of its class in the Country. Highly recommended for anyone with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes (yes, diabetes is a disease), blood pressure, or any other medical conditions.

Pre-existing conditions coverage: Insurance industry has innovated ‘ACUTE ONSET COVERAGE’ which essentially means that the coverage for pre-existing conditions is limited to emergency care if you qualify. The definition accompanies a time line that is strictly followed such as within 12 hours of first symptoms started. AXIS Plans are underwritten with this kind of definition like rest of the world plans.

CHUBB Premier and CHUBB Network Plans offer pre-existing coverage on a different level. They offer both in-patient and out-patient coverage for pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are treated on par with new medical conditions and accidents if chosen coverage under these programs. These are unique designs to protect visitors from catastrophic as well minor irritations that occur due to medical conditions.

CONFIDENCE : India Network has been there for almost 3 decades and fulfilled its promises to policy holders. No short cuts and no small prints! Rely on community trusted and test organization for your loved ones coverage during their trip to USA!

Check out the plans and we are confident that you not only find value but refer your friends to our program.. that is India Network main source of strength, stability and growth.

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With more than two decades of experience serving the Indian community, the India Network Foundation leverages community participation to offer affordable premiums for insurance coverage to members traveling to the USA, Canada, or Mexico with Network/Non-Network options.