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India Network Health Insurance
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Health Insurance for Worldwide Coverage

Insurance for US Citizens

RX/Vision/Dental Discounts

India Network Accident and Sickness Insurance provides medical coverage for all nationalities outside their home country including residents, visitors, students, temporary workers (H1 visa holders) and their families while visiting the United States, Canada, or Mexico. In the past, Health Insurance Plans offered by India Network were underwritten by American International Group (AIG).

ACE Network comprehensive plans are underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company and Platinum Network Comprehensive Plan is by Sirius International. Administration and claims of all policies are carried out in the United States only. We DO NOT have any office(s) in India.

India Network Health Insurance plans are designed to help visiting parents to get affordable health insurance while visiting United States, Canada or Mexico. The plans are open to all visitors from any country in the World. India Network welcome all nationalities of visitors, toursits, expatriates, to take advantage of these plans. Main highlights of plans:

New - Enhancements to Plans

- Claims are Processed in the United States
- Cashless Settlement of medical bills with Providers
- 24 x7 Travel Assistance Services by EUROP Assistance
- All Plans are open to all age groups (0-99 years old)
- Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage available for all Ages 0-99
- Health Insurance Coverage from $50,000 to $1,000,000
- Online Health Insurance and Claim forms
- RX, Dental and Vision Discount Cards from AETNA
- Health Insurance for UK, Australia, New Zealand
- Health Insurance Plans for US Citizens
Use EasySelect to Choose Visitor Health Insurance by Age Group

India Network Accident and Sickness Insurance is sponsored by the India Network Foundation, a U.S. based non-profit organization founded to serve the Asian Indian community around the World, and Researchers and Scholars interested in learning about India. Started as the first internet resource for India related news and events in 1988, the INF has established itself as the First and foremost resource on India and India related issues.

With more than two decades of experience serving the Indian community, the India Network Foundation leverages community participation to offer affordable premiums for insurance coverage to members traveling to the USA, Canada, or Mexico with Network/Non-Network options.

India Network Health Insurance Quick Links Renew Medical Insurance File On-line Claim Articles, FAQ, Press Releases and Industry News Locate a MultiPlan PPO Facility or Doctor Visitor Health Insurance Plans and Discount Cards

Comprehensive Plans
   1. ACE Comprehensive Plans
   2. Platinum Comprehensive Plan

Scheduled Benefit Plans
   1. Premier Plan - 100K and 150K
   2. Standard Plan - 50K, 100K, 150K

Pre-existing Condition Coverage Plans
   1. Premier Plan - 100K - Fixed Benefits
   2. ACE Comprehensive (PPO 80/20)
   3. Platinum Comprehensive

Accident Coverage Insurance

1. Accident Coverage Plan by Nationwide

Plans for Worldwide Travel
   1. IMG Global Medical Insurance
   2. Diplomat International
   3. AIG Travel Guard for Trip Coverage

Plans for US Citizens (below 65 yrs old)

1. Assurant Health Insurance
2. AETNA Plans
3. United Health Insurance Plans


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